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Wholesale exotic plant nursery in Apopka, Florida

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We grow & supply wholesale exotic plants to our fellow plant brokers, wholesalers & other retailers

Ficus Lyrata
Philodendron Mican
Calathea Freddie
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We are a production wholesale nursery in Apopka, specializing in exotic plants species. We focus on maintaining a nourishing environment, propagating each species to meet their growth potential, nurturing to ensure optimal health, and exposing each species to natural conditions to ensure they're jungle ready.

Having planted our roots in Apopka (pun intended) some 14 years ago, Biostok Foliage has been a statewide supplier of exotic plant species to wholesale nursuries, landscaping companies, and life-long customers. With 20,000+ sqft of greenhouse space, and over 40+ species of plants with roots from Asia, Europe, an South America, Biostok Foliage has become one of Florida's largest plant nursuries.

While Biostok Foliage is strictly a wholesale supplier, our recent growth, dedication of our customers, and popularity of our plants has enabled us to expand into the commerce space, selling directly to individual customers as Coollective Plants. We offer our same exotic varieties of plants, with over 250+ species in a variety of sizes.

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